Bone Appetit Products

Please come in and meet with our specialist to find the right diet for your pet. At Bone Appetit we are not only allergy specialists, but are educated in nutrition and can customize the right diet for the most challenged pet. They are always treated as our own!

We also have holistic alternatives and remedies to treat parvo, kennel cough, anxiety, car sickness, parasites, kidney, bladder, epilepsy, all heart issues and functions, and immune disorders. We can detox your pet in 30 days for less than $20! Please contact Natalie for further details on detoxing.

Product Brands

Below are just of the few of the brands we carry. We carry much more! If we don’t stock it, we will be happy to special order it for you! click on the logo to learn more about that product.

If you are disabled or unable to drive we offer home delivery. Contact us for more info on home delivery.