About us

Welcome to Bone Appetit! Natural Pet Pantry! Our goal is to provide your pets every opportunity to live a happy and healthy life. We are a family owned and operated business offering all natural nutrition for your pets. Centrally located in Washington City Utah we began as the only natural pet food store in the Washington County / St. George area in 2004.

All the foods we carry are free of wheat, corn, by-products, soy and chemically added preservatives. Our experienced staff is educated in pet nutrition! We are knowledgeable about every product in the store and always ready to help you understand labeled ingredients, discuss and customize the perfect diet for your pet. Understanding the benefits of specific pet food ingredients will ensure that the food you choose will deliver all the nutritional benefits to help your beloved pet thrive.

We started with less than 200 square feet of store front offering just a few of the top premium brands with the passion of educating and counseling the public on the benefits of feeding your beloved pet a healthy diet. Three years and hundreds of happy pets later we opened a storefront with 900 square feet of space!

We are proud to offer a full selection of the top premium pet food brands. These include Raw diets, dry kibble, canned, freeze dried, dehydrated foods and recipes to help you formulate your pet’s home cooked diet. We carry a large variety of treats, safe and healthy chews, important supplements to keep your pet healthy as well as the occasional “bling” the fashion sensible pet! The supplements we carry are top rated, give your pet optimal nutrition, and come in varieties of chewable, powder, tablets and liquids.

With all the garbage (and we literally mean garbage) put into commercial pet foods, we have seen pets suffer with the consequences of obesity, shedding, dysplasia, dental disease, seizures, pancreatitis, urinary tract problems, kidney failure, diabetes, crystals, allergies, yeast and worst of all a short life span. Sadly this is just the tip of the iceberg in respect to diet related problems. Shopping with us and bringing your pets into our lives helps bring you one step closer to a truly healthy pet! Congratulations! Your dogs and cats just got healthier!